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PT.I K A U C A S Y Ø S -– T Ü R

PT.II D Ø K U -– T Ü R

PT. III B Ø S N A -– T Ü R

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s ø u n d :::::::::::::::::::: A P E L E S øch G U E R R I N H A

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Doku-Tur (presented by NOWNESS)

NOWNESS presents Doku-Tur. (Read the feature on NOWNESS: http://bit.ly/21qQNNX)

Directed by: André Dip e José Menezes
Original Soundtrack: Apeles
Color: Henrique Reganatti
Post Production: Zumbi Post

Second video in the Tur series, "Doku-Tur" was shot in the Balkans (particularly in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania), a region that has suffered from ethnical and geopolitical conflicts, during the month of August, 2015, at the height of the "immigration crisis". In the occasion, the directors were invited to show the short-film"Boatman" (dir. José Menezes and Lucas Justiniano, dop. André Dip) at Dokufest Kosovo, in the city of Prizren. Our aim was to show a different side of a region usually misinterpreted in the media and public eye due to it’s historical and recent conflicts.
The original sountrack was composed specially for the video by Apeles (Eduardo Praça).

Eduardo Praça is an original member of Brasilian indie band "Ludovic" and founder and composer of the band "Quarto Negro", which released their second album "Amor Violento" in 2015. The album was recorded in Portland, USA and the band toured the american East Coast alongside The Helio Sequence to promote it. He's also the composer of the soundtrack of several short-films, including the awarded "Tennis Girl" (Daniel Barosa, 2014). Eduardo is currently composing the soundtrack and designing the sound for the piece "Horizon/noziroH" by Salomé Lamas and Gregorio Graziosi, set to be released in 2017 at the National Gallery of Copenhagen.

Watch the first part of the series, “Kaucasyus-Tur”, with original soundtrack by Gabriel Guerra (Séculos Apaixonados): vimeo.com/129157849

Most special thanks for the support: Giba Yamashiro, Henrique Reganatti @ ZUMBI Post (zumbipost.com.br) and Eduardo Praça.

Thanks: Samir Karahoda, Eren Kazaz, Narin Zekovski, Berk Skenderi, Pedro Burti, Kryeziu family of Prizren, Daniel Barosa, Havoc Klein, Lucas Justiniano, Gabriel Soares, Gabriel Guerra, the crew at DokuFest Kosovo, the staff at No Name Bar, Luisa Neves, Uta Ibrahimi, Alexei Dmitriev, Jetmir Idrizi, Gerti Pishtari, Gustavo Vidal, Rafael Dip, Cristiana Antoniazzi, Rafael Padu, Lipe Fleury, Veronica Ramadani, Irma Mehmeti, José Carlos Issa Dip, Menezes family, Minnie Carver, Toby Heard, Ana Rosado and everyone at NOWNESS.

Nominated for Best Cinematography for Short Film "ABC Award 2016"